STDPA LLC represents an expansion of the extremely successful SARAH SAVES THE DAY, a personal concierge service founded by Sarah Levithan. STDPA builds on the success of SARAH SAVES THE DAY by expanding the team of professionals working with our clientele and enhancing our skills and savvy.

Sarah Levithan, the founder of SARAH SAVES THE DAY and STDPA brings her natural talent for planning and organization to New Yorkers in need of both. As a native New Yorker, she understands the challenges of city life, knows her way around town and has mastered the art of getting everything done in the most efficient way possible!

Sarah has worked extensively in the worlds of theatre, business and human resources and has mastered the art of anticipating the needs of clients and meeting those needs thoroughly and efficiently. Sarah is thrilled to be building the STDPA team and the opportunities it creates to provide stellar personal assisting services to an expanding client base.